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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you discredit a plaintiffs claims?

The mission of Social Media Investigations is to thoroughly search through the Internet for evidence that discredits a plaintiff’s claims. If a Person of Interest uses any one of the 50+ social media sites or someone they know uses one of those sites, valuable evidence may be found to support your case. Social Media Investigations, Inc.’ investigation starts upon submission of a request and the initial investigation is completed within a matter of days. This quick turn around may supply you with evidence before the first deposition. In addition, when desired, Social Media Investigations, Inc. can continue to monitor the Internet, providing you with valuable updates throughout the case.

What is the truth?

Getting to the truth is key to obtaining a favorable result in a lawsuit. The process of finding and proving the truth can be costly and time-consuming. Traditional tactics involve conducting “boots on the ground” surveillance; finding and preparing medical and technical expert witnesses; conducting skillful depositions and cross-examinations. Now, lawyers have the opportunity to retain Social Media Investigations, Inc. to conduct a thorough investigation of all social media sites to help uncover the truth. Social Media Investigations, Inc. delivers its findings within days, not weeks or months. The data collected by Social Media Investigations, Inc. can change the course of a lawsuit by uncovering the truth.

Where is the evidence?

Billions of people spend hours a day on social media websites. The most commonly known are Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. However, the number of social media sites is far greater. To uncover evidence, Social Media Investigations, Inc. searches all Internet sites and is in a position to present its findings in a matter of days – not weeks or months. In addition to evidence the Person of Interest may post on the Internet, evidence about your Person of Interest may be buried within postings and photos on another person’s site through “friend” or “mutual contact” connections. Social Media Investigations, Inc.’ investigation is automated, thorough, proven and void of human error. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose by engaging Social Media Investigations, Inc. to conduct an Internet investigation for you.

Why use Social Media Investigations?

The outcome of your case depends upon the strength of your evidence. When Social Media Investigations, Inc. conducts your Internet search, you can feel confident that a team of experienced professionals, who have handled thousands of lawsuits, is directing your investigation. Social Media Investigations, Inc. has designed and tested a software program that thoroughly investigates information and relationships on the Internet regarding a Person of Interest. Social Media Investigations, Inc. presents you with a report and an analysis of the information discovered, which can be the key to a successful outcome.