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About Us



Information is power

The ability to gather factual data that supports or discredits a claim can make or break a case. Billions of people talk about themselves and their friends on social media sites every day. Our mission is to gather and report valuable information that exists on social media sites. We do this efficiently, effectively and in a short amount of time. When compared to traditional “boots on the ground” investigations, Social Media Investigations, Inc. can provide you with the information you need in days instead of weeks or months. Attorneys and insurance carriers use Social Media Investigations, Inc. to gather and compile information to discredit a plaintiff and/or support a case.


Experienced Professionals.

Social Media Investigations, Inc. is staffed with professionals experienced in defense litigation. Our team includes experienced litigation attorneys and professionals who have successfully defended hundreds of personal injury claims. We are organized, efficient and effective. Social Media Investigations, Inc. becomes a member of your team coordinating with your medical experts, biomechanical engineers and traditional “boots on the ground” investigators to build a winning case for you.


Timing is Everything.

When you make a request to begin an investigation, Social Media Investigations, Inc. goes into action and begins a comprehensive search of all social media sites. Our goal is to supply you with information within a matter of days. When time is of the essence, Social Media Investigations, Inc. is by your side. Our goal is to provide you with the information you need to know when you need to know it, which is usually before the first deposition.